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Antivibration lathe cutters


The bars of standard tool are one piece currently. The material is mostly alloy steel. During processing, the machining depth gets more deeper and it will produce vibration problems. There are restrictions on the use of materials and cutting conditions and tool diameter limit. So the boring bar diameter and L/D length selection can only be made in accordance with the materials and processing needs. The traditional boring bar using the L/D of 2 to 2.5 times, and it cannot be finished in once on deep hole processing. So it needs to change the side to clamping processing again. And it causes clamping and concentricity error. For the parts of high-quality requirements of the inner aperture surface, it should be subject to other processing and increases in working hours and cost relatively.

антивибрационные расточные штанги


There is the ball groove in the front-end boring bar and placed a special metal ball of high proportion and intervals arranged with different materials. During processing, the boring bar makes vibration and the anti-vibration ball collided with the internal ball groove inertially. And it would make the tool vibration reduction. It can increase the insert’s life and the workpiece surface will have a good surface roughness. This product has been China’s invention patent, patent No. ZL2009 1 0161834.X)

расточные резцы с антивибрационной втулкой


As long as the machine tool export trade countries, there is a anti-vibration tool market! In the first half year of 2012 (January to May) Lathes exports accounted for about 5% of the proportion of exports of machine tools. However, compared with the same period last year, the growth rate of the good performance of 29.4%, shows that the anti-vibration tool market will be very strong and stable growth.

Our company sells by self-brand Monkula, we have dealers in 11 countries around world. Complete range of products, size and species, includes lathe cutters, shell mill and fine-tuning cutters. It also can be used in the aerospace, marine, military defense and general metal processing. There is billion dollars every year in the market. Monkula products will be an accounting for more shares in the international market in future.

удлинители для корпусных фрез

Function and Practicality

For general standard lathe cutter, it has to consider the row cut in turning, interference and shape, so the cutter head will be bigger.

So it must be purchased the larger materials, and then made into the size needed. It would waste a lot of materials.

Monkula using this patent for based, and designing the removable type cutter head, the boring bar can be required for needed made of and without wasting too many materials.

The material of the cutter head according to the type of processed and conforms to the concept of environmental protection.

When it will be processing with the anti-vibration, the cutting speed can be increased more than 30%.

When cutting, the boring bar vibration energy will be reduced by the damper system, so that the insert life will be increased more than 30%.

Not only it is increasing the production capacity, but also reducing the cost.


After more than 5 years of research and development, it has developed SOP. The product has entered the stage of volumes of production. Modular design of the head, No matter the head of any type as long as the same diameter boring bar mounted on the same diameter boring bar. A boring bar can be used with any type cutter heads, and users to save a lot of unnecessary spending. The products don’t need to rely on imports from the purchase of materials, maching, heat treatment, grinding, assembly, testing, packaging has been fully localization. Because of localization, so the cost can be reduced to a minimum, and at the price get more internationally competitive.


Removable type cutter head processed is based on five-axis machining formed, the beauty presented in terms of angle and shape better than the general standard lathe cutter. The design of the removable type cutter head has a foolproof function. So, when it was assembled is occurring error, it can’t be formed and it would be safely for sure. We print our logo on our each cutter to guarantee all our tools are 100% made in Taiwan. We will also print manufacturing date on each tools when completing and make electroplating to look more aesthetic on our cutters.

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